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Creating and launching products that can address the health needs of women, men and children in low-resource settings is complex and challenging, particularly since markets for health products in low-income countries can be uncertain. Products generated through a holistic process that starts with good product development, and incorporates public health and commercialization perspectives throughout the process, are more likely to meet the needs of the intended user groups and other key stakeholders.

That is why at GINIM we’ve adapted best practices from user-centered product development to guide our processes – from defining the problem through needs identification assessments, to establishing the product objectives and requirements, to developing and testing prototypes, and field testing and refining these until we arrive at the features and functionality needed. Throughout this process we keep the end user and their context in mind, and also factor in the needs/demands of other critical stakeholders who influence product availability and use. This requires understanding the perspectives of multiple stakeholders and using technical, public health and commercialization inputs to prioritize needs and address trade-offs to move a product forward.

Throughout the product development process, GINIM takes an iterative approach -– with continued design refinement – and works with public- and private-sector partners who bring additional skills needed to move these lifesaving technologies toward validation and market-readiness.

GINIM licenses our technologies to industry partners who bring the expertise in manufacturing, marketing and distribution required for commercialization to ensure access in developing countries. GINIM continues to help pave the way for launch in low-resource settings and ensures that attention is paid to the needs of users and other stakeholders during introduction and scale-up. We work to ensure the product is delivered in a manner that is safe, appropriate and sustainable.