South Africa's Mr Price suffers first annual profit drop in 16 years

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Woolworths also marked down stock in what its Chief Executive Ian Moir described as a " feeding - frenzy". Edcon, an unlisted retailer, has had to restructure debt and clear old stock at much lower prices.

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intelligence officials. In a series of early morning tweets, the president quoted a letter from Page, in which he asked to address the House Intelligence Committee promptly and referred to what he characterized as faulty testimony from U.

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50 rand by 0824 GMT, compared with a 0. 2 percent gain in the JSE's benchmark Top-40 index, as the company kept its full-year dividend at 667 cents per share. But shares in Mr Price were up 5.

JOHANNESBURG, May 30 (Reuters) - South Africa's Mr Price Group Ltd posted a 12 percent drop in full-year earnings, the first annual profit decline since 2001, as consumers struggle in a sluggish economy.

Any relevant experience will be to your advantage. Your responsibilities will include accompanying reporters to various events, taking photos relevant to feature articles etc. Photo journalism / Press Photographer - In this job, you will need to work for the press. The minimum qualification required is graduation.

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